Medical University of Warsaw

Medical University of Warsaw

The Medical Faculty of University of Warsaw was established in the year 1809 and then Medical University of Warsaw (WMU) was founded in January 1950. It is one of the oldest medical universities in Poland that education top professionals in the field of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Currently have 10,068 students including 797 international students and 423 PhD students. University of Warsaw (WMU) is a vibrant scientific centre specializing in both clinical and theoretical medicine. The institution have 5 affiliated teaching hospitals located in Warsaw where students do their clinical:-


l  Public Central Teaching Clinical Hospital

l  Infant Jesus Teaching Hospital

l  Public Ophthalmic Teaching Hospital

l  Duchess Anna Mazowiecka Public Teaching Hospital

l  Public Pediatric Teaching Clinical Hospital


This University is a truly European University, where the education is based on European and international educational standards. There are participation in many international programs providing the exchange of students and academic staffs, as well as in the scientific and research programs. 

Those students keen on studying abroad are encouraged to study in Poland. Medical University of Warsaw (WMU) is now collaborating with Eagle Eye to create more opportunities to study abroad for our local students, especially in the field of medical courses. Eagle Eye has a national reputation for student recruitment and consultation services to Poland in courses such as Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. Eagle Eye is now creating a more convenient pathway for our local students to study abroad, particularly in Poland in marketable courses.