Universitas Sumatera Utara


he University Sumatera Utara or USU is a public university located in the city of Medan in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The School of Medicine was established in 1952 as the first faculty in the University Sumatera Utara and it has developed as one of the outstanding School of Medicine. The Official academic hospital is the H. Adam Malik Hospital, a modern and well-equipped institution formerly known as the General Hospital.

  • Facilities

    • 120ha campus area (Padang Bulan) and 300ha extended campus (Kwala Bekala)
    • 550ha experimental farming area (Tambuhan A)
    • More than 200 laboratories
    • Library, currently one of the best libraries in Indonesia, provides several of learning resources both in form of printed and electronic materials.
    • IT infrastructure to facilitate access to various information resources and online services throughout the campus.
    • Various facilities including dormitories, sports centre, guest houses, cafeterias, shops, banks, post offices, auditorium, student centre hall, and teaching hospital.


  • Courses Offered

  • Recognation

    The 5 years course is fully recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, MCC and JPA.