The whole entrance tests will be conducted fully in English.

Students should bring their owned STATIONARIES FOR THE PLACEMENT TEST as listed below:

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  • 2B pencil min. 2 pieces
  • Pencil eraser min. 1 piece
  • Pencil sharpener (if necessary)
  • Ballpoint (black / blue ink) min. 1 piece
  • Letter of Placement Test approval (as Placement Test Pass). ( will be given on exam day)

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  • Students/applicants are not allowed to bring calculator or any other gadgets during the test
  • Foods, drinks & smoking are prohibited at the examination areas
  • Bag, books, mobile phone and any other devices should be placed at preserved area with theirown risks.
  • Using jewelry and any other accessories are not suggested.

Attire / Dress Code during the Test
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  • Male: Shirt, trousers
  • Female : Skirt with minimum length below the knees, veil is allowed
  • (all students should wear shoes)